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Service Charter

Service Charters

The Charter is an undertaking or covenant made to stakeholders about the services they expect to get from the Authority while discharging its mandate. The Charter is meant to create awareness on our role as an Authority, give insights on our core activities and values, provide information on the range of services we offer, the standards we have set, stakeholders’ expectations, avenues for remedy where services fall short of standards and continuous improvement and feedback in pursuit of stakeholders satisfaction and excellence in our operations.

This Service Charter is a working tool that is meant to facilitate better understanding of our services including putting our organization and our stakeholders at the forefront. It should therefore be used alongside other operational legal instruments such as the Sacco Societies Act 2008 and the Sacco Societies (Deposit Taking Sacco business) Regulations, 2010.

These enabling legislations and any other relevant laws and operational guidelines and procedures as may be laid down by the Authority and the Government from time to time.

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