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The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority’s strategic plan (2013-2017) was necessitated by the need to undertake initiatives aimed at serving the stakeholders better.

The strategic issues/themes identified are:
1.    Supervision and regulation of Saccos
2.    Development of the of the Sacco industry
3.    Financial resources
4.    Institutional capacity

To deliver on the identified strategic themes, the Authority identified strategic objectives that would enable it fulfil its mission. These are:

1.    To attain 100% compliance with key regulatory standards (capital adequacy, asset quality, management capacity, earnings and liquidity) for all licensed Saccos by 2017 from 70% in 2013.
2.    To ensure eligible non -licensed Saccos comply with legal requirements by 2014
3.    To have competent and qualified board and management in Saccos.
4.    To facilitate increase in membership of deposit taking Saccos to 15% of Kenya adult population by end of the plan period
5.    To enhance member welfare through protection and empowerment
6.    To enhance research capacity to aid in effective policy development for the Sacco industry
7.    To increase both external and internally generated revenues of SASRA by 5% per year financing of annual budget
8.    To improve financial management systems and infrastructure.
9.    To have optimal, skilled and motivated staff at the Authority
10.    To have a competent, qualified and efficient board.
11.    To enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
12.    To strengthen the corporate image of the Authority by at least 10% per annum in the plan period.

Vision 2030